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Olive Oil Accessory Planogram

Olive Oil  Accessory Planogram

Planogram Program includes: 3-AKGCLUSTER Glass Oil & Vinegar Cruets 6-EE203 Olive Oil & Balsamic Dipping Plates 6-EE204 Olive Oil & Vinegar Dipping & Appetizer Plates 4-EE200 Premium Oil Sprayer 4-EE201 Stainless Steel Oil or Vingar Dispenser 4-EE202 Copper Oil & Vinegar Dispenser 3-AKCRUETS Set Oil & Vinegar Cruets

Additional Product Details
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Manufacturer Entertaining Essentials
Model / Item Number EE5006
Case Quantity 1 (case quantity not required)
Country of Origin
Weight 0.00 lbs
Dimensions 0.00 (D) x 0.00 (W) x 0.00 (H) inches
Dimensions (Metric) 0 (D) x 0 (W) x 0 (H) centimeters
Categories Serveware, Assortments
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